Ferris' Speech at handover meeting

Today is a very special day in the history of the British Hun Yuan Tai Ji Association, so I’d like to thank you Master Ma, and thank you all for gathering here today. I would like to say few words about the training that we have been receiving over the last four years.

I think we would all agree that  training with Master Ma has been an amazing adventure which has transformed our understanding of internal martial arts.  To have the opportunity to study in depth with a 
genuine high level Chinese martial arts master is a unique and unbelievable precious opportunity.  It is something that most people even in the far east can only dream of.  Yet for the last four years we have been privileged to have weekly personal tuition from a master whose skill level unsurpassed.

So on behalf of all of us I’d like to thank Master Ma for his generosity and his patience in so openly sharing with us the secrets of his art.  Through Master’s Ma’s gifted teaching our health as been in improved  and our skill as martial artists raised to new levels.

With this solid foundation, our association can play a key role in changing the way Tai Ji Quan is perceived in the UK helping to free the art from impractical and superstitious ideas and replacing them with something that is very real in terms of its benefit as a health and as a martial art.

Soon Master Ma will return to China.  We must face the challenge of continuing our training with the same determination and hard work as if Master Ma was still watching over of progress.  The key to this is our strength and solidarity as an Association.  If we are to build on the foundation Master Ma has given us it is important that we meet regularly to train and practice what we have been taught.  We must also take opportunities to promote Master Ma’s arts in the wider martial arts community through public teaching and publishing articles.  Several martial arts magazines have already agreed to publish articles on the Hun Yuan Tai Ji.

We are also looking at the possibility of bringing Master Ma’s son Michael to the UK to teach the fixed and moving step push hands pattern next year.  Some time in 2008 I plan to go to China to continue my studies.  I hope that others of you will do likewise.

Finally I would like to encourage you all to practice diligently, retain great respect for the Hun Yuan Tai Ji and have faith in yourselves as martial artists and Tai Ji practitioners.  We have been suberbly taught.  The seed has been sown.  It is up to us now to grow it into a mighty tree.

Ferris Jerjis

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