What is Chen-style Hunyuanxinyi Taijiquan?

Hunyuanxinyi Taijiquan is founded by the Chinese present Master Feng Ziqiang. Master Feng was born in a old and famous Martial Art Family. He began to practice Shaolin martial art from eight years old. Master Feng was very lucky to be directed and taught by lots of famous Master, e.g. Chinese present Xing-I Master Huo Yaozhen and Taiji Master Chen Fake. Studying for over fifty years, Master Feng integrated Taiji and Xing-I together and created Hunyuanxinyi Taijiquan.

The foundation of Hunyuanxiyi Taiji is Hunyuangong (Qing-gong). Hungyuan Taiji focuses on Qi-gong practice to preserve health. It claims that qigong should be practiced firstly before Taijiquan’s practice. Hunyuan does not permit people to stamp freely. It asks us to relax our whole body (mind, muscle, joint, internal organs, skin) and practice patiently. Secondly, its main characteristic is “whole body relax; upper part work with lower part; every movement is finish by whole body cooperation; all movements integrated into one Hunyuan Ball. Third, Hunyuan pay more attention to the practice of Silk Reeling Force, which closely integrates the sequences, Qi-gong and application into one unit.

Although hunyuan taijiquan is based on traditional Chen forms the application and performance of this style has little in common with the Chen style seen typically in competitions. In particular Master Ma's teaching includes many combat applications and variations making his taijiquan particular applicable to today's students. However, gentleness is stressed at all times and Master Ma is very careful about who he teaches these potentially dangerous techniques to.

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