Introduction to Master Ma Bao Guo

Master Ma Baoguo was born in a traditional martial arts family in China and began practicing martial arts from a very early age. In 1970 at the age of 17 he enlisted in the army joining the Chinese Marine Corps. Whilst in the army he underwent strict training in fighting and Qinna (locking and anti-locking). In 1976, when his 
commission ended he left the army to continue his practice of Chinese martial arts.

In 1982, he became a student of Master Shangji a well-known exponent of Xingyiquan (mind-body boxing). After three years, because of his rapid progress, Master Shangji recommended Ma Baoguo to Master Wang 
Changhai in order to learn Taijiquan.

Master Ma also had the good fortunate to learn Gongfu from a rather enigmatic master, Guo Shenghai. Master Guo was a consultant for the Chinese special bodyguard group whose responsibility was to protect 
the leaders of the Chinese government. Master Ma studied Wudang and Ermei Gonfu with Master Guo and gained many skills including Qinna (locking and anti-locking) and Dian Xue (attack points of body).

After many years of practice and study, Master Ma absorbed three skilled Masters Gongfu and integrated this knowledge into his Taijiquan. As a consequence Master Ma's Taijiquan is very practical.

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