Qigong is an essential part of the practice of tai chi - indeed some may argue it is the most important ingredient in practicing tai chi for health.

Master Ma teaches a set of ancient qigong practices that are an essential aid in keeping the body and mind healthy. THese exercises can be practiced by anyone and just a few minutes a day can make a difference.

Qigong works on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is in fact practiced as part of mainstream medicine in China today. Often qigong is practiced in hospitals as an aid to recuperation.

The exercises themselves take the form of usually simple body movements, done slowly and in complete relaxation along with various breathing methods. There is nothing mystical or magical about these exercises - they just work! In common with TCM they effect the vital organs through the meridians or acupuncture channels. Each exercise has a different function or effect and can be practiced has a general aid to good health or to treat a specific ailment. These exercises are ideal for older people as they have various benefits including: aiding digestion, assisting good balance, helping to balance the vital organs, increase energy levels, assisting the control of high blood pressure etc.

The great thing about Qigong ia that the exercises need no special clothing, can be practiced anywhere - even better in nice surroundings such as your garden - and once learnt are never forgotten.

Although it is possible to learn these exercises from words and pictures it is advisable to train with a knowledgeable teacher. You can learn these exercises from Master Ma's public class - see where can I learn section - or from Master Ma's one to one tuition. Once learnt, these exercises can really help with your tai chi practice (no matter what form of tai chi you practice).

Please check back soon for some instructions and pictures on the full set of Master Ma's qigong exercises.

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