Hunyuan Taiji Broad Sword

It is different form other broad sword forms due to its internal nature. It has the characteristics of light and heavy, hard and soft, twinning and fast, strong and crisp, slow and fast, fast and sticky. It is, therefore, also called Taiji Reeling Broad Sword”. Hunyuan Taiji Broad sword form is simple, agile and full of changes. The broadsword moves with the body and the body carries the sword to reel. If the sword form is compared to Needle in Cotton”, then the broadsword is Hot Iron Coming Out of the Furnace”

Although in most cases, people usually start with the sword and graduate into broadsword, the broadsword, the broadsword should be learned prior to sword. It generally takes three years of hard training to be good at the broadsword.

The names of the Broad Sword Form are:

1. Yu Bei Qi Shi - Preparation Form
2. Hu Xin Dao  - Protecting the Heart
3. Qing Long Chu Shui - Blue Dragon Come Out of Water
4. Feng Juan Can Yun - Wind Blows Scatters Clouds
5. Bai Yua Gai Ding - white Clouds Cover the Head
6. Hei Hu Sou Shan - Black Tiger Search the Mountain
7. Suqin Bi Jian - Suqi Carries the Swords
8. Jin Ji Du Li - Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg
9. Yi Feng Zhan Cao - Cut the Grass Against the Wind
10. Yao Zhan Bai She - Kill the White Snake from the Waist
11. Ri Tao San Huan - the Sun Has Three Wings (3)
12. Bo Yun Wang Ri - Brush Away the Clouds to Seek the Sun
13. Bo Cao Xun She - Spread the Grass to Seek the Snake
14. Qing Long Chu Shui - Blue Dragon Comes Out of Water
15. Feng Juan Can Yun - Wind Blows Scatters Clouds
16. Yan Bie Jin Chi - the Swallow Tucks its Golden Wings
17. Yie Cha Tan Hai - Yiecha Reaches Out to the Sea
18. Fan Shen Pi Dao - Turn Around and Chop Down
19. Fan Shen Zai Kan - Turn Around and Chop Again
20. Huang Long San Jiao Shui - Yellow Dragon Stirs Water Three times
21. Tui Bu Fen Shui Shi - Step Back to Park the Water
22. Shuang Zhen Jiao - Double Stamp Feet
23. Yu Nu Chuan Suo - Jade Girl Works At Shuttle
24. Yao Zhan Bai She - Kill the White Snake From THE Waist
25. Ye Zhan Ba Fang - Fight on Eight Directions
26. Huan Xing Zhuan Dao - Circularly Turning the Sword
27. Liao Yin Dao - Liao(from bottom to top motion) to the Crotch
28. Hu Xin Dao - Protecting the Heart
29. Bai HE Liang Chi Hu Xin Dao - White Crane Spreads its Wings and the Plam Though the Heart
30. Fan Bei Dao - Turn the Back
31. Duo Li Shi - Standing on One Leg
32. Pi Dao Xie Gua Tan Hai - Chop Down Hang Sideways and Reaches Out to the Sea
33. Heng Sao Qiang Jun - Sweeping one Thousand Soliders
34. Ci Dao Kai He - Poking the Sword and Open and Close
35. Ye Cha Tan Hai - Yecha Reaches Out TO the Sea
36. Bai Yuan Xian Guo - White Ape Presents Furits
37. Huai Zhong Bao Yue - Carry the Moon to the Bossom
38. Shou Shi - Closing Form

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