Chen Style Hun Yuan Tai Chi

Chen Style Hun Yuan Tai Chi Quan was created by Chen style 18th generation grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang a decade ago. It is the result of his 60 years of practicing martial arts, and the supreme combinations of two systems taught by two legendary masters, the one, 17th generation of the Chen family, grandmaster Chen Fake, who brought Chen style Tai Chi Quan from Chen village, Henan province to Beijing in 1928. Since grandmaster Chen Fake had no opponents to match his skill within the martial arts circles, he was named "the only one in Tai Chi Quan". The other master was grandmaster Hu Yaozhen, who was a master of martial arts, Chinese Medicine and Daoism.

Grand master Hu Yaozhen taught Xinyi Liuhe Quan, and is sought to be the father of Qi gong in China. It is told that in any match with an opponent he never used more than one finger to end the fight and was named "he who with one finger shakes heaven and earth".

Today Chen Style Xinyi Hun Yuan Tai Chi Quan combines the excellence of martial art skills with a thorough understanding of Chinese Medicine, health and longevity.

Chinese Medicine at its essence searches for a healthy way of living, and so by practicing Chen Style Xinyi Hun Yuan Tai Chi Quan and Hun Yuan Qigong, the practitioner circulates his Qi (energy) without obstructions, helps regenerate his body and prevent illnesses from arising.

Tai Chi Quan and Chinese medicine have always been interrelated, they immerge naturally from the Dao, and allow a person to be harmonious with nature in a graceful and healthy way.

Chen-style Hunyuantaiji 24 forms

1. Starting form
2. Buddha’s warrior’s punch
3. Lazy tying coat
4. Six sealing and closing
5. Single whip
6. White crane spreads its wings
7. Walk obliquely and twist step on both sides
8. Lifting hands and rising leg
9. Wade forward and twist step on both sides
10. The fist of covering hand and form
11. The punch of drawing over body
12. Lean with back
13. The blue dragon comes out of water
14. Push both hands
15. Change palm three times
16. Step back and whirl arms
17. Step back and press elbow
18. Middle winding
19. flash back
20. the punch of hitting the ground
21. punch towards the heart
22. sink waist with elbow down
23. punch with two fists
24. closing form

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